No.6 Keyword Tool

For internet marketers that rely on search engine, a great keyword research tool is a must.

As I have mentioned, Google has its Keyword Planner.

However for internet marketers, two outstanding keyword tools are Market Samurai and LongTailPro.

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No.5 Google

Google is the number 1 search engine in the world, directly making the owners billionaires !  Can you imagine these geniuses are making money with providing free but awesome services, in the beginning, and then when millions of people embrace their free services, add a new service named “adwords” to make millions and millions of money.

It has numerous services that can help in your online marketing venture.

Among the services that must have are:

  • Gmail – you can send and receive emails. You also need this as a Google account to access to other Google services.
  • Keyword Planner – you can use this tool to find profitable niches, either for your niche websites or for your marketing campaign.
  • Google Plus – Google’s latest social site, where you can post, share, or whatever stuff, to the world or certain people in your circle.
  • Google Hangouts – you can have video chat with other people.
  • Adwords – display your ad or your client ad here
  • Adsense – get other people ads display on your website, and get paid when the ads are clicked.




No.4 Email Management

Two top email management service providers are Aweber & GetResponse.

Both have 1-month trial offer. Select one from below to manage your email marketing campaign. The best is try both and decide which one is better 🙂

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No.1 Domain Name

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